Oil Spill Dispersant

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Oil spill dispersant utilizes the molecular interaction principle to pull apart oil spills from the state of aggregation to the smaller oil-water emulsion in the molecular state to make the oil spills on the water surface uniformly dispersed into the water system, so as to eliminate the oil spill pollution on the water surface.

This product can be widely used in waters of seas, harbours, oil ports, wharfs and other site where there are oil spill to be disposed of. It is particularly suitable for the open water system and on the occasion where the sea conditions is rough, oil spills cannot be recovered, or the oil spills is too thin to recover.

• Blend of dispersants and solvents, converts hydrocarbons into fine emulsions

• Very effectively disperses mineral oils, crude oils, residual fuel oils, diesel fuel oil, kerosene, white spirit and lubricant oils

• Diminishes the overall damage to the environment

• Does not contribute to pollution

• Biodegradable, Non-toxic product

•Ready-to-use product

ITEM CODE Dimension Package
JXY-OSDP101 200L/Bin Plastic Bin